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Mango Bay
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Mango Bay

Mango Bay, which takes its name from the abundance of mango trees once here, is one of Koh Tao’s most famous snorkelling and diving spots.

This large bay, which has a coral reef and a small beach on each of its sides, is blessed with spectacular viewpoints where travellers can enjoy a cold drink with a view.

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In the west, the beach has boulders where schools of scad live underwater. Divers come to see the scad travel as one ball of fish, which is fascinating because it seems like you’re interacting with only one organism. On its eastern side, there is a massive coral reef that is home to various species of Wrasse, damselfish, yellowtail barracuda, moral eels, and much more.

Travellers based in Koh Tao or the neighbouring islands often come here for the day. This is why the beach tends to get busy in the daytime. It’s also a popular spot for beginner scuba diving training, so if you haven’t got your license yet, this is one of the best places to do so. The sea is usually clear and has fantastic clarity; the sandy ocean floor adds to its sparkling turquoise colours.

The hillside by the bay is dotted with high-quality bungalow accommodation with breathtaking views. Staying here for a few nights is worth it; the surrounding area is quiet and provides a respite from the nightlife of nearby towns. Those looking for adventure should pack some good shoes and head over to the Lighthouse Bay, a pristine and isolated area that requires a fun, thrilling hike to get to.

Mango Bay is also an excellent jump-off point for discovering the area’s other stunning beaches and islands – which are plenty! You can choose from several boat tour packages offered by tour agents in the area. Otherwise, if you prefer to relax, the small sandy beach or the hotels & resorts here are perfect for winding down and enjoying the sun.

The best time to come for a visit is between December to September, which is the dry season, so you are assured more sunshine and calm waters.

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