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Koh Phangan

Best Time To Visit Koh Phangan

Finding out the best time to visit Koh Phangan is important because the weather can make or break your trip.

Generally speaking, it enjoys hot and tropical weather all year round. However, it’s also prone to monsoon seasons.

Best Time To Visit Koh Phangan, Month For Weather & Less Rain, Thailand

The months of December to February present cooler weather. While temperatures are a bit lower, you can still enjoy sunny beach weather and get a good tan. These months may bring with it an occasional shower too – more likely during December.

March to June is the hottest season, and perhaps the best time to visit Koh Phangan. Expect full-on hot tropical weather during these months, but for those coming from cold countries, the warm weather will be welcome and tempt you to go for a swim even more. If you want to get a tan or intend to spend a lot of time exploring, swimming, diving, or snorkelling, this is a great time to book your trip. Just make sure to be prepared for the heat; stay hydrated and wear sun protection.

From around July to September is the pre-monsoon season; this is when the weather is still hot, but there are higher chances of rain. During these months, Koh Phangan tends to be quieter, although lower temperatures make it more refreshing.

October and November are the island’s monsoon season. Although it won’t be raining every single day, these months see significantly more rain than the rest of the year. When it isn’t raining, the weather is usually warm enough for visitors to still enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. It’s not uncommon for there to be several hot days from October to November, but be prepared for a few days of rain.

If you aren’t interested in partying or prefer to stay away from the crowds, avoid visiting Koh Phangan during the weeks of the Full Moon or Half Moon parties. During these times, hotels tend to increase their prices, and it will also mean that you will be sharing the island with thousands of other travellers.

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