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Motorbike Hire

Motorbike Hire

Getting around Koh Samui is very easy if you have a convenient mode of transportation. You can either book a car or hire a motorbike to explore the island. It will take you around an hour to do a full circle on the island by scooter or car.

Sightseeing will be much easier if you choose to hire a motorcycle; however, you need to be careful if you are riding through the scenic roads within Koh Samui’s dense jungle.

Koh Samui Motorbike Rental, Scooter, Moped & Big Bike Hire Prices

If you have chosen to rent a motorbike, you will have to pay approximately 150 to 250 baht a day, but you may even get cheaper deals than this. You are liable for all damages and you will have to bear the expense if anything goes wrong. Be aware that scooter and moped rental doesn’t include any damage coverage so travel insurance is a must.

All motorbike riders should have a motorcycle license to ride one. Thai law requires that drivers and motorcyclists have a valid international drivers licence as roadblocks occasionally occur where police check licences. Koh Samui’s roads zigzag and are crowded at times, not to mention… bumpy! Therefore, you need to be extra careful while riding around.

All riders are also advised to check the rental agreement carefully before renting a motorbike. If you are planning to rent for a week, make sure that the rate is revised. You can read through the terms and conditions before making any deposits. Also, don’t forget to carry your helmet along with you; Thai law requires all riders to wear a helmet and although you will see many locals riding without one, police will on occasion pull over riders without helmets. If you get caught riding without a helmet (as I have once before) you will most likely have to pay a fine of about 300 baht. Not much, but the major problem was having to wait within the police station for over an hour whilst they processed tickets for me and another hundred people.

If possible, take a test ride to get used to it. Sometimes, the motorbike may not work well. In such cases, you can always take another. But always keep the contact details in handy as it will help you to reach for help in case your motorbike stops working.

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