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Koh Kluai

Koh Kluai

Koh Samui’s tourist attractions also include many unique day trip destinations. In fact, the list of attractions includes a number of small islands and secluded beaches.

When it comes to the islands around Koh Samui, there are many small and medium-sized islands found in the Ang Thong National Marine Park. Koh Kluai is one of these islands, which is located near to the popular tourist destination of Ang Thong.

Koh Kluai Accommodation, Island Hotels & Resorts Map, Thailand

To access this island, you need to take a boat ride as there are no other ways to get here.

Many visitors to Koh Samui often come here for a relaxing day trip. You can relax and enjoy the white sand beaches and can spend hours exploring the pristine jungle that features lush flora and diverse fauna. Diving and snorkelling are best enjoyed here as the marine life includes a vast variety of fish, coral and crustaceans.

Since the main attraction on Koh Kluai is diving, you may want to find out more about the diving packages available around the island, with some diving packages also including island tours and boat transfers. Believe it or not, Koh Kluai has some of the best coral reefs to explore and the beaches here are pristine and tranquil – perfect for a relaxing day trip.

As Koh Kluai doesn’t have many accommodation choices, you will need to look for accommodation options at one of the major islands nearby.

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