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Koh Som

Koh Som is one of two tiny islands off the coast of Koh Samui – along with Koh Lum Mu Noi, they are uninhabited islands.

Both of these islands are located quite close to each other and are connected by a small sandy pathway. As there is no population on this island, Koh Som has no man-made roads or other permanent amenities. There isn’t even electricity on the island.

Koh Som Accommodation, Bungalows & Beaches, Samui Island Thailand

Today, Koh Som is considered as a perfect nature-sanctuary where you will find scenic lush foliage, an unspoiled beach and breathtaking nature. Some recent proposals include new ideas to develop this island for tourism.

Koh Som is also one of the least visited tourist spots in Thailand. Although it has some of the best beaches in the entire Gulf of Thailand, tourists often miss coming here.

The island is very close to Koh Samui; In fact, it is just 650 metres off Koh Samui’s shores. Many local visitors come here to enjoy the incredible sunrise and sunset views. Therefore, many locals also call Koh Som the ‘Orange Island’. The island’s scenic beach setting, with coconut jungle and palms, offer a serene and picturesque setting that you’ll love to explore.

Koh Som’s favourable location offers incredible real estate development opportunities – suitable for resorts, private bungalows and other residential and accommodation developments.

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