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Koh Tae Nok

Koh Tae Nok

Koh Tae Nok is another small neighbouring island near Koh Phangan and is very close to Thong Sala on the southern coast – a popular place for diving and snorkelling.

Many visitors, especially locals, come to Koh Tae Nok to explore its marine treasure that features colourful corals, a wide array of fish and other beautiful sea life.

Koh Tae Nok Accommodation, Samui Island Beaches & Map, Thailand

Ko Tae Nok isn’t a common tourist destination, particularly amongst international visitors. Even though many come here on a day trip, they only stop for a few hours.

As Koh Tae Nok is close to the famous area of Thong Sala, it offers easy access to the great party venue in Koh Phangan. Visitors can easily take a ferry ride as there is a pier in the area; alternatively, you can also take a speed boat.

Koh Tae Nok has a quaint market place that features an array of eateries, mid-scale restaurants and shops – you’ll also find a few bars here.

The province of Thong Sala hosts an annual Songkran (water) festival; an event well enjoyed by both local and foreign visitors. So if you’re in Koh Tae Nok, then check out the local event calendar to learn more about this event.

For accommodation choices, you can look for the nearby options in Thong Sala. This beautiful area is home to some quaint hotels and a number of guesthouses. Choices of private bungalows and vacation homes are also available.

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