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Koh Wua Te

Koh Samui’s list of popular nearby attractions includes the internationally renowned Ang Thong Marine National Park. This stunning nature park is just 20 km west of Koh Samui and comprises 40 islands.

Some of the most popular islands are Koh Wua Ta Lap, Koh Prayat, Koh Mae Koh, Koh Sam Sao, Koh Wua Te and Koh Nai Put. Koh Wua Te is the smallest island, but it comprises some excellent limestone rock formations and dense lush forested areas.

Koh Wua Te Accommodation, Island Bungalow & Hotel, Koh Samui Thailand

Some of the limestone rock formations are also seen from its beach. The island’s pristine coastline and remnants of rainforest fascinate many nature lovers.

The island doesn’t have any tourist accommodation facilities. However, you can find some excellent lodging choices at some of its neighbouring islands. These accommodation units also include lavish and economic options to cater for all your needs. Even though you may choose to stay at an upscale venue, because it is Thailand, you don’t have to pay a lot.

Choices of activities in Koh Wua Te are very few, but you may find some interesting walking paths here. In addition, you can always spend some time at the beach and enjoy a bit of relaxation.

The island’s marine life is extensive; so you’ll find an array of colourful corals and beautiful fish if you go diving or snorkelling. Check out the weather conditions before visiting.

As this is an underdeveloped island, you’ll find very minimal amenities here. Nearby scenic islands are Koh Mae Koh and Koh Sam Sao – both loaded with diverse fun things to see and do. If you love caves and caverns, then visit these two stunning islands.

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