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Haad Than Sadet Beach

Haad Than Sadet Beach

Than Sadet beach is a stunning hideaway on Koh Phangan’s east coast. Its rugged beauty tends to attract adventurous tourists, as well as those seeking relaxation. The small yet peaceful beach offers a slice of isolated paradise, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy areas.

Aside from being a popular holiday spot, this beach is also known for its historical significance.

Haad Than Sadet Beach, Accommodation & Bungalows, Koh Phangan

The beach, whose name means Royal River in the local language, is considered sacred because back in the 18th century it used to be the preferred holiday destination among Thai kings. It was visited by many of them including His Majesty Rama V, VII, and IX. These kings’ initials are inscribed into granite rocks which are still found on the beach today. This beach was particularly the favourite of King Rama V, who was known to have fallen in love with it so much that he visited it 14 times.

The area is also where you will find the Than Sadet Koh Phangan National Park. This attraction is located where the Khlong Than Sadet River flows to the lush verdant hills, forming the biggest and most beautiful waterfall in the entire island. The park is highly recommended for visitors who like an adventure since it requires a little trekking where you’ll encounter awe-inspiring flora and fauna on the island.

Travellers will be spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodation options on Haad Sadet beach. Most of them have bohemian-style bungalows or native Thai accommodation which are located on the hillside as well as the secluded beach. Most of the hotels here capitalise on the spectacular views of the bay, so when you end up staying here, you will be treated to breathtaking sights almost everywhere you look.

The beach can be accessed by taking a car or motorbike. Another option is to take a ferry or long-tail boat from Thon Nai Pan Yai which takes you directly to the beach; the boat ride generally just take half an hour or less.

Overall, this beach is simply one of the best on the island for its rich natural splendour and the sheer beauty of its white sand beach.

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