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Than Nam Rak Waterfall

Than Nam Rak Waterfall

The Than Nam Rak waterfall is a stunning cascade located on the way to the Dom Sila viewpoint in Koh Phangan.

There are trails available for all levels, but if you are interested in a challenging hike, follow the stream as long as the water isn’t too strong.

Than Nam Rak Waterfall, Location, Price, Parking & Map, Koh Phangan

The falls are smaller compared to other large ones on the island, which makes it ideal for visiting along with several other falls for a fun day trip. Other small falls worth including in your itinerary for the day includes Than Song Preng, as well as the Than Klouy Mai waterfalls.

Stop by the magical dipterocarp forest where you will be greeted by majestic trees and lush greens. If you wish to enjoy the tranquil environment in nature for a night or more, a camping site located in Baan Domsila is the perfect place to rest.

The best time to visit Than Nam Rak Waterfall and the nearby cascades is during the wet season. It is always advisable to wear proper footwear, such as walking shoes with good rubber gripping.

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