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Than Sadet Waterfall National Park

Than Sadet Waterfall National Park

Than Sadet Waterfall National Park is one of the most beautiful attractions on Koh Phangan. Located on the island’s eastern side, the park is famous for its spectacular waterfalls.

It is known locally as the royal river, since the engravings of numerous Thai kings are found in the area, as a symbol of their visits to this majestic place.

Than Sadet Waterfall National Park, Hours & Map, Koh Phangan Thailand

The park has a rich history that dates back to 1888, which was when King Rama V discovered the park. He was blown away by its beauty, and he carved his initials onto a rock near the waterfalls. King Rama V set a trend that was then followed by the succeeding kings who visited the park; one that is followed to this present day.

This is why a highlight of visiting the falls is taking time to see the stone and inscriptions, which features royal signatures from Thailand’s kings. Not only is the stone a tourist attraction, but the Thai people also honour it due to its significance.

Than Sadet Waterfall National Park is close to Haad Than Sadet beach. The waterfalls encompass a three-kilometre large area, but there are also a few pools nearby that are ideal for swimming. The entire park is 45 square kilometres large, which makes it suitable for a day trip.

There are three waterfalls to discover within the park: Thong Nang, Saampon, and Daenang; all of which are somewhat close to each other. Don’t forget to take your camera along; this is one of the most beautiful parks in all of Thailand.

The best time to admire the beauty of these waterfalls is between May to October, which is the rainy season. Getting to the waterfalls is slightly tricky due to the presence of numerous dirt roads. Visitors are recommended to hire a skilled driver who is knowledgeable about the area.

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