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Koh Lim

Koh Lim

The beautiful Koh Lim is found within the popular national marine park, located towards the eastern part of Thailand. Apart from Koh Lim, there are a few other islands nearby.

Choices of things to see and do in Koh Lim are close to endless. In fact, the island’s natural beauty and stunning landscape feature many scenic points, trails and lush foliage.

Koh Lim Accommodation, Island Hotels & Resorts Map, Thailand

Koh Lim’s lush landscape features a hilly terrain with high mountains and fertile forested areas. You’ll surely find some excellent hiking paths on the island. You can also explore the island’s scenic beauty and check out the renowned diverse marine life.

The island’s serene natural setting also includes long stretches of palm trees – this looks beautiful with the scenic backdrop that features stone cliffs and rugged terrain. No wonder this island is a haven for visitors.

Those who are coming here from Koh Samui will have to come by boat. Apart from diving and snorkelling, you can enjoy a bit of fishing here. In fact, these are some of the finest fishing spots around here.

Choices of other fun activities in Koh Lim include kayaking, sailing and trekking.

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