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Koh Nok Taphao

Koh Nok Taphao

Koh Nok Taphao is a small island in the province of Surat Thani and is in the Central Gulf Coast near Koh Samui. To find accommodation near Koh Nok Taphao, you’ll have to look for choices in and around Koh Samui.

Another popular island close by is Ban Ko Noktaphao and is approximately 600 meters east.

Koh Nok Taphao Accommodation, Island Hotels & Resorts Map, Thailand

Beyond this island, you’ll come across the beaches of Ao Thian, Ao Uttra, Ao Pla and Ao Kruat. Visitors who come here often take a boat ride or a snorkelling day tour package.

Koh Nok Taphao is not a popular tourist island, but it features excellent diving sites, snorkelling spots and a lush setting that features native flora and fauna.

From Koh Nok Taphao, you can also take a ferry ride to reach Don Sak. This ferry also goes to the Koh Samui Island on a regular basis. Those who want to come here on a day trip can also take a ferry transfer from a port in Koh Samui.

Koh Nok Taphao’s serene setting and pristine beach are loved by many visitors. Hiking, swimming and snorkelling are best enjoyed at this tiny island near Koh Samui.

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