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Koh Tao

Historically, Koh Tao has played an important and significant role as the detention place for political prisoners in Koh Samui and Thailand. However...

Koh Samui Islands

Koh Tao

Koh Tao, Koh Phangan

Historically, Koh Tao has played an important and significant role as the detention place for political prisoners in Koh Samui and Thailand. However over the past few decades, this island grew popular as a tourist...

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Koh Phangan-featured

Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan, Surat Thani

Although Koh Phangan is internationally renowned for its Full Moon parties, there is a lot more to do on this touristy island. Choices of attractions and activities don’t just revolve around parties and beaches...

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Koh Ma

Koh Ma, Ko Phangan

Koh Ma is an exquisite island, located towards the north-west coast of Koh Phangan. Although this island doesn’t offer you any party venues, it certainly has some excellent scuba diving and snorkelling spots. In fact...

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Koh Phaluai

Koh Phaluai, Ang Thong

Out of all 42 islands within the Ang Thong Marine Park, the island of Koh Phaluai is the largest and the most prominent; located towards the south of Koh Wua Talap. If you love mangrove forests, then visit the eastern...

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Koh Som

Koh Som, Ang Thong

Koh Som is one of two tiny islands off the coast of Koh Samui – along with Koh Lum Mu Noi, they are uninhabited islands. Both of these islands are located quite close to each other and are connected by a small...

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Koh Wua Te

Koh Wua Te, Ang Thong

Koh Samui’s list of popular nearby attractions includes the internationally renowned Ang Thong Marine National Park. This stunning nature park is just 20 km west of Koh Samui and comprises 40 islands. Some of the most...

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Koh Wua Ta Lap

Koh Wua Ta Lap, Ang Thong

The famous Ang Thong National Marine Park has many islands within its vicinity. If you’re visiting the area, then you must consider stopping at Koh Wua Ta Lap. Many tour operators include this island as the second...

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Koh Tae Nok

Koh Tae Nok

Koh Tae Nok, Surat Thani

Koh Tae Nok is another small neighbouring island near Koh Phangan and is very close to Thong Sala on the southern coast – a popular place for diving and snorkelling. Many visitors, especially locals, come to Koh...

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Koh Mat Sum

Koh Mat Sum, Taling Ngam

Koh Samui’s proximity to lots of small and beautiful islands also make it a popular tourist destination. Often tourists who come here often take a day trip to the many nearby islands for a diving or snorkelling trip...

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koh tae nai-featured

Koh Tae Nai

Koh Tae Nai, Koh Phangan

Ko Tae Nai is another private island near Koh Samui. The owners of this small island are offering the entire island on lease for 30 years and are perfect for those who want to invest on a beachfront plot. In fact, this...

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Koh Sam Sao

Koh Sam Sao

Koh Sam Sao, Ang Thong

Koh Sam Sao is located towards the northeastern corner of Koh Mae Koh. Out of all of the small islands found around Koh Samui, Koh Sam Sao can be an interesting place to explore. Just like other Thai islands, the island...

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Koh Wua Chiu

Koh Wua Chiu, Ang Thong

Ko Wua Chiu is a tiny island in the region of Surat Thani; sparsely populated and underdeveloped, with minimal tourist facilities. Just like other islands in Thailand, Koh Wua Chiu also features some excellent beaches...

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Koh Lim

Koh Lim, Ang Thong

The beautiful Koh Lim is found within the popular national marine park, located towards the eastern part of Thailand. Apart from Koh Lim, there are a few other islands nearby. Choices of things to see and do in Koh Lim...

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Koh Chuak

Koh Chuak, Ang Thong

Koh Samui is surrounded by a range of small islands, with some of the most popular group of islands found near the Ang Thong Marine Park. The island of Koh Chuak is one of these small, yet stunningly charming islands...

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Koh Kluai

Koh Kluai, Ang Thong

Koh Samui’s tourist attractions also include many unique day trip destinations. In fact, the list of attractions includes a number of small islands and secluded beaches. When it comes to the islands around Koh Samui...

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Koh Nok Taphao

Koh Nok Taphao, Surat Thani

Koh Nok Taphao is a small island in the province of Surat Thani and is in the Central Gulf Coast near Koh Samui. To find accommodation near Koh Nok Taphao, you’ll have to look for choices in and around Koh Samui...

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Koh Taen-featured

Koh Taen

Koh Taen, Ang Thong

Koh Samui is blessed with a number of pristine beaches, welcoming more than a million visitors every year. In addition, Koh Samui is also surrounded by some excellent islands that are known for their awe-inspiring...

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